Tap & Go Piicard

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Tap & Go Piicards are NFC embedded (pvc) laser cut digital business cards, 760 micron thick, the same as credit or debit card and treated to make them bio-degradable.

No App Needed: The other person doesn’t need an app or a device to receive your information.

Privacy: Privacy setting in the Piicard dashboard makes your information visible only to people you trust. No password is required from your social accounts, only the username or links.

Universal Compatibility: It’s compatible with iPhones and Androids. The Piicard Code is a premium QR code that never expires with a state-of-the art NFC chip, offering unlimited scans for devices .

Paperless Business: Support environmental protection, no need to have hundreds of paper business cards, one Piicard can meet the purpose of all your social scenarios.

Environmentally friendly, efficient packaging services will be provided.

Delivery Time: Usually 5-7 Business days

Shipping Methods: Delivered to your location using the fastest express service

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