PiiCard Devices

Piicard (Tap & Go) Devices are custom-made exclusively for Piicard subscribers

Devices are optional add-ons to your Piicard subscription.  

Our NFC Chip is fully compatible with Apple and Android devices.

NFC is the abbreviation of Near Field Communication.  As the word ‘near’ implies, this contactless technology is intended for short distances.

Devices are serial numbered and QR code enabled.

Simply place your Tap & Go device within inches of a receiving smartphone and it’s ready to share your contact information with a single tap instantaneously.

All our Tap & Go devices are embedded with a state-of-the-art 13.56Mhz NFC 216 chip capable of delivering over 100,000 taps.

It is not possible to copy a Tap & Go NFC chip and place it in another NFC device, adding another layer of mobile security and identify protection.

Share your contact information without an additional app or extra steps.

No more having to call and save numbers, accessing online portals, texting or emailing your contact information.

Tap & Go Card (Optional add-on)
Tap & Go Wristlet (Optional add-on)
Attachable Phone Tags (Optional add-on)
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