Custom Services

Our personalized services are specifically designed to meet your digital business card needs with cutting-edge technologies.
Yes, we set up and custom-design your PiiCard for you.
PiiCards are a sleek and professional way to share and manage your contact information effortlessly with just a few clicks.

Imagine a world where physical business cards are a thing of the past.

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Stand out with the creative power of your Custom PiiCard design

Now you can generate leads, followers, and sales from your custom-made digital business card.

A custom-make PiiCard made to meet your needs.

Step 1: Getting started is easy!

We already have a diverse range of ready-to-go themes to create your pixel-perfect digital business card.

Step 2: We Customize Your PiiCard Your Way

We will add your contact details, portfolio, products, calendar, payment links, or any other information you wish to share.

Step 3: Ready Set Share

Once your PiiCard (digital business card) is just the way you want it, you can begin sharing your unique personal contact link (your anywhere you can post or share a web URL

Do you want to adopt new technologies and effectively connect with your target audience?

PiiCard is an innovation that enables you to make a lasting impression, engage effectively, and take your efforts to unprecedented heights.

Note: An assigned customization specialist will contact you to complete your set-up. Your images and a list of desired links to be applied to your digital card must be available in a secure online drive location (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox).

You’ll also have a whole team of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) experts on demand! 

(Free with your digital card subscription, a savings of 199.95 per year).

A staff of matter experts, that you can even embed into your websites, working for you around the clock without the need to hire and train a new employee. Learn More

What are you waiting for?

A digital business card customization specialist (yes, a real person, LOL) is ready to help you start making meaningful connections.

The one-time set-up and customization fee includes one (1) digital business card, free access to the A.I. staffing for one year, and one Tap & Go Card. Multi-card discounts are available.

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