How Piicards work

What makes you different is what makes us better

PiiCards (personal contact links) are a secure information-sharing solution for managing and optimizing your relationships.


Changes to phone numbers, emails and addresses happen all the time. Whether it’s your own contact information or others, you need to get them updated eventually. 


When your contact or digital information changes, and it will, you can inform your contacts without calling, texting or emailing them.

We will Customize your digital business card to your needs

It’s as easy as Pii, we can include as much detailed information as you like.  Better yet, the other person doesn’t need an app or be a subscriber and your information is only visible to the person(s) you want to share information with.

You'll love Your PiiCard
Scan QR Code

(I) Built-in inquiry form

Contacts can scan your QR Code, see your details and share your QR Code with others.

Social Media 

(II) Unique personal sharable link

You can easily share your social media link, website and add a video to your Digital Business Card.

Share with ease

(III)  Built-in security & privacy

Share your business contact information directly via your Tap & Go device, SMS, Email, Social Media, or as you choose.

private, secure, and stress-free, a PiiCard keeps you in control.

A subscription is affordable and includes two (2) PiiCards (personal digital links).

Now your customers can place an order for your products and services right from the PiiCard. Better, you can even provide your customers with a tracking mechanism. All this can also be done with your embedded PiiCard QR code (provided).

More than just a beautiful digital business card.

PiiCards are also a powerful marketing tool that effortlessly generates leads, followers, payments, and reviews for businesses. Leveraging advanced SEO and social media optimization features enhances your online presence and drives more traffic to your businesses.

Managing your business has never been easier.

Embrace the convenience of Showcasing your portfolio, and products. Use your selected Payment System, CRM system, embedded Appointment Calendar, Email Auto-Responder, and share everything in a professional manner.

PiiCards can create 6x more professional engagements than a paper card and 4x more than other digital contact methods.

Did you know 10 million business cards are printed yearly in the U.S. alone? Eighty (80%) percent are thrown away within the first week they are received. That’s 8 billion business cards discarded every year!

Of course, we provide you with all the set-up and Design Services.

PiiCard can meet the purpose of all your social scenarios. Anywhere you can post a web URL you can post and share your PiiCard Link (personal interactive information card). 


Your PiiCard will meet the purpose of all your social scenarios.

Anywhere you can post a web URL you can post and share your PiiCard Link. 

Completely Cloud-Based Platform – No Domain, Hosting Or Installation Required

Get free storage upto 5GB and bandwidth up to 250GB/m

+128-Bit SSL Encryption For Maximum Security Of Your Data & Files

+100% ADA, GDPR, & CAN-SPAM Compliant

Advanced Analytics To Have Clear Insight of What’s Working & What’s Not To Boost ROI

+Seamless integration With 20+ top autoresponders to send emails to your clients

+No Coding, Design, Or Tech Skills Needed

A Tap & Go device is the right solution to make your life easier.

Adding a Tap & Go device to your repertoire of networking tools saves you time.

Your subscription includes an option to purchase a Tap & Go device, empowering you to share information with smart devices instantaneously, without sending texts or emails

The privacy setting makes your information visible only to people you want to share your personal contact link with.

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Meet your new A.I. team members

Increased productivity
A.I. team members can work 24/7/365, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently without delays, allowing for quicker decision-making and implementation.

Expertise in multiple domains
Offers an opportunity for you to explore new areas of growth and expansion with the help of AI expertise.

Smart and Intuitive
Engage in conversations similar to Siri or Alexa, using a variety of languages.

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Meet your new A.I. team
Do you want to create a PiiCard yourself with a 7-day free trial?
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The one-time set-up and customization fee includes one (1) digital business card, free access to the A.I. staffing for one year, and one Tap & Go Card. Multi-card discounts are available.

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