PiiCard Affiliate Program

Monetize your content and relationships to promote your brand while helping others to unlock their true potential.
PiiCards just makes sense.

Win favor among your growing base who are your brand ambassadors and already primed to take your word to heart.

Promote PiiCards

Spread the word and automatically earn commissions by sharing your unique trackable link to your audience.

Reap Top Rewards

Your affiliate link is generated with your paid subscription and your affiliate tracking system is a built-in function of dashboad. 

Opportunities start with a simple connection.

Subscribers can invite other people to subscribe and be rewarded commissions for referring new subscribers.

The dashboard allows you to view all of your referred visits, commissions and payouts via your own affiliate dashboard.

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Expand your audience

Expand your marketing to reach people you know (and don’t) to share solutions they’ve been looking for.


Amplify your reach

Get the attention of new markets and customers you couldn’t have reached on your own.

Trust goes a long way

People trust your word with their buying decisions and are more likely to buy when you refer them.

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